The Faith First Framework

A Christian's Guide to Success God's Way

Success is Possible When We Put Faith First! Part of the Faith First Series, The Faith First Framework: A Christian's Guide to Success God's Way written by Aigné Goldsby, Esq., The Anointed Attorney, provides a practical guide for integrating your Christian faith into every area of life in order to achieve true prosperity and success God's way.

Many Christians struggle to balance demanding careers with self-care, leadership development, and spiritual disciplines. The Faith First Framework gives you the tools to align your priorities with God's priorities by putting your relationship with Him first. This foundation empowers you to handle workplace challenges, balance responsibilities without compromise, build relationships that honor Christ, and make decisions that allow you to thrive personally and professionally.

Prayer and Preparation Journal

The Prayer and Preparation Journal is part of the Faith First series. Aigné Goldsby, The Anointed Attorney has created the Faith First Prayer and Preparation Journal as a tool to use in assisting believers in Christ with putting their faith first and having a closer relationship with God.

This journal provides you with 30 days of prayer prompts you can use in your alone time with God along with some helpful tools to assist you as you prepare for your day and do the work that God has called you to do. The journal also includes a bonus Dream Diary and Bible Study/Sermon Notes. God is ready to have a relationship with you.

Sis, You CAN Negotiate!

10 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary or Raise

Have you ever been passed up for a raise or promotion? Or maybe you've recently found out one of your colleagues was making more money than you?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women made 83 cents for every dollar a man made in 2020. Black women made 64 cents for every dollar, and Hispanic women made 57 cents for every dollar. I am a Black woman and an attorney, and I've been passed up for opportunities, jobs, promotions, and raises by people that were less qualified than me. Specifically, by men. NEVER AGAIN! I don't want another woman to have to feel the way I felt in those situations. That is the calling and purpose of this book and what I help hundreds of women everyday do as The VALUE Coach.

Sis, You CAN Negotiate! 10 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary or Raise will deliver ten extremely valuable tips on how to negotiate your next salary or raise. If you are seeking a new role within your current company or another desired company, or if you could use a raise in your current one (and who couldn't use a raise), this is the book you've been waiting for.

The Black Esquire® Guide to

Law School Applications

The Black Esquire® Guide to Law School Applications (Supplement) by Aigné Goldsby, Esq. Founder of Black Esquire LLC is the supplemental book to the Black Esquire® Guide to Law School Applications course designed to help aspiring law school students navigate the application process with confidence. While the course covers everything need for a successful law school application process, this supplement covers certain aspects of the law school application process including FAQs about law school, and the top 10 law school application mistakes. course covers essential topics, including personal statements, diversity statements, the LSAT, recommendation letters, resumes, and more. If you are applying to law school or thinking about applying to law school, this book is for you!

Learn more about Black Esquire LLC at

The VALUE Journal

Do you know that you are VALUABLE?

Just being who you are makes you valuable to others and to the world around you. Value is something we all have, but the question is do you truly believe you are valuable? I have found that some people allow the thoughts of others to dictate their value which causes them to question their value. This 28-day journal is meant to help you discover your VALUE and remind you to use it in a meaningful way each and every day. It also helps you create a plan of action for the coming week after assessing your progress of using your value and achieving your goals.

This journal is for students and working professionals to stay organized and motivated to keep going.

5 Lessons in 5 Years

of Law Practice

(Ebook and Audiobook)

In this book, Aigné Goldsby, Attorney and Founder of Black Esquire LLC shares five lessons that she learned during her first five years of practicing law. These lessons were initially introduced during a talk she gave in December 2021, celebrating her 5 year lawyer-versary. While there are many lessons she has learned during her journey, these five are particularly important, and she hopes they will resonate with the readers. The book is a guide to help individuals who are interested in pursuing a legal career, particularly women and students of color, to navigate the complexities of the journey and to use their unique value to achieve success.