Who is Aigné Goldsby? 

Magistrate👩🏾‍⚖️ Attorney⚖️ Speaker🎤 Career Coach📚 Author✍🏿

Legacy Lawyer for Families and Businesses

Aigné is an attorney, speaker, author, and career coach. As the Founder of Goldsby Law, PLLC, Aigné is a legacy lawyer for families and businesses. She practices in estate planning, business law, education law, and juvenile law.
As the Founder of Black Esquire LLC, Aigné helps future and current lawyers successfully navigate the attorney journey. Aigné received her J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law and her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College.

 Aigné’s tagline “Leading, Encouraging, and Teaching, Whenever and Wherever I’m Speaking,” emphasizes who she is and her spiritual gifts as a leader, encourager, and teacher, which she uses to successfully serve her clients.

Legal Services

Attorney Aigné Goldsby is the Founder of Goldsby Law, PLLC where she is a legacy lawyer to families and businesses. She practices in estate planning, business law, juvenile law, and education law.

Career Coaching

Aigné is the Founder of Black Esquire LLC. As a career coach, she helps future and current lawyers successfully navigate the attorney journey so they can turn their chaos and confusion into clarity and confidence.


As a speaker, Aigné is known as The Anointed Attorney™ and she speaks to multiple audiences including students, women, churches, and law firms on topics ranging from social emotional learning, diversity, and faith in Jesus Christ. Her signature massage focuses on empowering her audience to make an impact in the world and knowing their calling.

The Anointed Attorney™

In 2022, Aigné also started The Anointed Attorney Alliance for Christian women in the legal profession to fellowship with other like-minded women. The mission of the Anointed Attorney Alliance is to learn and understand the influence and authority attorneys have in society, and to use this influence to positively impact the world around us through dedication to God and the purpose and calling on our lives.


Success is Possible When We Put Faith First! Part of the Faith First Series, The Faith First Framework: A Christian's Guide to Success God's Way written by Aigné Goldsby, Esq., The Anointed Attorney, provides a practical guide for integrating your Christian faith into every area of life in order to achieve true prosperity and success God's way.

Many Christians struggle to balance demanding careers with self-care, leadership development, and spiritual disciplines. The Faith First Framework gives you the tools to align your priorities with God's priorities by putting your relationship with Him first. This foundation empowers you to handle workplace challenges, balance responsibilities without compromise, build relationships that honor Christ, and make decisions that allow you to thrive personally and professionally.

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